For who is the boudoir shoot for

The other day I started to think- so who these women really are who come to see me and who let me take their boudoir and nude photographs. They are not models, rich people nor actresses- they are just real women.  Women next door. Mums and wives, managers and teachers – they are women who think that it is OK to have some time of their own, pamper themselves and they do give themselves the gift to feel and look […]

Loe veel

Boudoir on the beach

End of Estonian summer brought us some nice and warm weather and I had a beauty like that coming for a shoot. Well like always the day of the shoot was a bit cold and windy. At the same time it is good though- there are no people on the beach and we can get creative. We had fun. I am so grateful of having such an amazing clients, who literally rock on every shoot! This is just a joy […]

Loe veel


This is me trying to make my dreams come true! I welcome you to join me in my journey. I have so far met so many beautiful and brave woman, I have heard their stories, I know why they sometimes need to push themselves to understand who they really are.

Loe veel