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19. nov. 2015

Beautiful bodyart

If you think about tattoos and ink on female’s body you would think of the words: powerful, bossy, strong, confident… etc. Don’t you?  ...

Loe veel
16. nov. 2015

Maternity boudoir

It is magical and so beautiful when a woman is carrying a child under her heart.   Beautiful maternity boudoir shoot in my studio...

Loe veel
12. nov. 2015

Art on your wall

I decided to create an offer for my lovely ladies. This gives you an idea of a beautiful gift for yourself.   What other...

Loe veel
29. okt. 2015

Hi, it’s me!

It is Thursday again and as promised this is the day when you’ll find out something new about me, my team and my studio....

Loe veel
22. okt. 2015

I Met A Goddess- nude art

I shot one amazing woman not long time ago on my studio floor and that has become my most wanted and popular set up....

Loe veel
21. okt. 2015

Being a woman

Being a woman is not always easy!   Remember one thing: Confidence is SEXY- wear it daily!   xoxo   Riina

Loe veel
16. okt. 2015

Follow your dreams

I had a wonderful boudoir shoot today with this beautiful woman who had killer legs like that!   We had some great time shooting...

Loe veel
14. okt. 2015

Dreamy shoot

Today I had a chance to photograph this gorgeous woman.   I just had the pleasure to press the button and save her beauty....

Loe veel