Beautiful bodyart

If you think about tattoos and ink on female’s body you would think of the words: powerful, bossy, strong, confident… etc. Don’t you?


When prepping for the shoot I imagined it exactly like that. Strong poses, facial expressions and outfits. Well…


It took me 5 minutes to understand that this does not work. She is nothing like above mentioned.


She is gentle, beautiful and utterly feminine! So I had to change my plans and that is what came out of it.


Thank you miss K- you are amazing and very very beautiful inside out!


And also big hugs and birthday wishes are coming your way!



Kui mõelda tätoveeringutele naise kehal siis kas kujutad oma peas ette tugevat, enesekindlat ja otsekohest naist.


Mina valmistusin meie sessiooniks täpselt sellise eelarvamusega. Mõtlesin kujutada oma kaunist modelli tugevates poosides ja näoilmetega…


Aga see ei olnud üldse nii. Kui olime 5 minutit pildistanud sain aru kui kõvasti ma olin eksinud. Tegemist oli täieliku vastandiga.


See oli naiselik, õrn ja kaunis naine, kes seisis mu ees. Mis muud kui muutsin sujuvalt oma plaani ja meie tulemus sai algsest plaanist hoopis teistsugune.


Aitäh sulle imeline naine!


Suured kallistused ja ilusad soovid sünnipäevaks kallis!



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If you have thought about coming to shoot with me then DO IT! NOW! No Excuses please!


I absolutely love what I do and I promise you that I make you feel sexy and beautiful And also I promise you You will never forget having such an amazing experience!


It’s all about YOU.


I would love to hear from you!






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