Hi, it’s me!

It is Thursday again and as promised this is the day when you’ll find out something new about me, my team and my studio. Or some other great stuff that interests me, about my dreams, goals etc.


Well today it is time to say thank you!


Sometimes I feel like I have the best clients ever. I must do something right! Right???


Well because people just surprise me in a good way of course.


I’ve lived almost 5 years of my life abroad in Paris and in London and I always thought when visiting Home that we Estonians look so grumpy and angry all the time…


People at the bus stops look tired, angry and sad. People on the streets don’t look up at you, they never smile they are just going from point A to point B without looking!


People in Estonia don’t like to show their emotions we are conservative and well a bit boring.


Honestly, that’s how I was thinking before.


But now, when being more open and positive myself I see people responding to me! If I smile to the person behind the wheel while driving in our mad traffic I do get a smile back!


When complimenting someone that makes not only that person happy but also makes my own day happier!


When was the last time you got a hug from a colleague, client or customer? You don’t remember?


Well, I got one sincere and long hug from a gorgeous woman yesterday! And the day before that! OMG! And they were all Estonians. That’s impossible! Hell no! It’s possible!


Maybe the reason why the world has changed is because I have changed myself. I try to see beauty and goodness in everything and try keeping the negativity away.


Have a fabulous day everybody and smile!


Here are some pictures of what goodies people bring me before or after the shoot! I know I make some people envy me but I don’t mind sharing!


Thank You all for your kindness, your support and love!



Eelmine I Met A Goddess- nude art
Järgmine Art on your wall

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