Beautiful gift

Sometimes I get asked, why oh why people are getting boudoir shoots done? Why do they do it and what will they do with the pictures?   Me at the same time do not understand the question! Because when I meet with all these beautiful women, we talk, I get to know them I always ask why did they decide to do a boudoir shoot andwhy they chose me.   Well most of the times well almost 100% of the times […]

Loe veel

Beautiful bodyart

If you think about tattoos and ink on female’s body you would think of the words: powerful, bossy, strong, confident… etc. Don’t you?   When prepping for the shoot I imagined it exactly like that. Strong poses, facial expressions and outfits. Well…   It took me 5 minutes to understand that this does not work. She is nothing like above mentioned.   She is gentle, beautiful and utterly feminine! So I had to change my plans and that is what […]

Loe veel

Hi, it’s me!

It is Thursday again and as promised this is the day when you’ll find out something new about me, my team and my studio. Or some other great stuff that interests me, about my dreams, goals etc.   Well today it is time to say thank you!   Sometimes I feel like I have the best clients ever. I must do something right! Right???   Well because people just surprise me in a good way of course.   I’ve lived […]

Loe veel