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26. dets. 2015

Ebamaine naine

See on nüüd postitus, kuhu mul ei ole endal mitte midagi lisada. Pildid räägivad seekord enda eest!   (ma vahel täitsa kahtlen, kas keegi...

Loe veel
22. dets. 2015

Soon- maternity boudoir

Soon these beautiful souls will be parents to a beautiful baby.   Waiting for your first child could be a little bit scary- you...

Loe veel
17. dets. 2015

Beautiful gift

Sometimes I get asked, why oh why people are getting boudoir shoots done? Why do they do it and what will they do with...

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14. dets. 2015

Estonian actress in front of my camera

I had a chance to photograph one of my favourite Estonian TV show actresses Inga Lunge some weeks ago for Arkogren ad.   Well...

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4. dets. 2015

Surprise boudoir shoot

This session was a gift to a wonderful woman from her best friends.   The whole thing was held in secret till the very...

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1. dets. 2015

Model Call/ Otsin Modelli

I am looking for a strong, confident and feminine woman for my boudoir session.   If you feel that it is you then contact...

Loe veel
19. nov. 2015

Beautiful bodyart

If you think about tattoos and ink on female’s body you would think of the words: powerful, bossy, strong, confident… etc. Don’t you?  ...

Loe veel
16. nov. 2015

Maternity boudoir

It is magical and so beautiful when a woman is carrying a child under her heart.   Beautiful maternity boudoir shoot in my studio...

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